Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 6 & 7

Day 6
We went to a park here off Rice Street which is so gorgeous. It's along this huge lake, along a golf course, so many other parks along it, and gorgeous birds and trees. I thought this was cute. We actually found it this way too which was cute. They're usually all messed up and not what you would think for tic-tac-toe lol However, this also reminds me of XOXO.
Innywho, I was intrigued so I took the picture!!

Day 7
This is from our visit to the Minnesota State Zoo & Aquarium.
This dolphin was SO curious the whole time. I took about 8 snapshots of this dolphin who always came back to the same window and just "hovered" there if you will.
Occasionally a second one would swim by as well. So neat!! I absolutely love aquariums.

So I'm a horrible person!!

I got so incredibly busy and missed Fri, and Sat!!

I will post them here now.