Friday, May 28, 2010

20 Week Appt. Update!

Say hello to baby Pici!!  Here are some more pictures with an update at the bottom :) Enjoy!

Update: Our baby weighed at about 13 oz. and measured at around 10.5 inches from head to foot. The anatomy looked great! I'm measuring right on time with my due date which is awesome!  We go back at 25 weeks for another check of the heart and get some different angles than we did today. The baby wasn't exactly cooperating as usual ;) He/She started off calm and was hiccuping in the beginning. Then came the stretching, flailing of arms, and tossing and turning! All was calm and perfect when just looking at the baby, however when it came time for measurements, the baby was a handful again! Haha. The tech nearly slipped and said the sex ;) We're going with GIRL! Haha. So keep that pink dust in your thoughts!! I'm down a pound from our 16 week appt which is FANTASTIC!! So far I've stayed in a 3 lb gain range which is great and now I'm down to only 2 so let's keep it up baby!! Hopefully he/she won't be HUGE like Antonio was....10 lbs 8 oz I think??  Heck no!

We're really excited and cannot wait for our 25 week appt. to see the baby again!

Crystal and Antonio and the Fetus