Tuesday, August 17, 2010

32 Weeks Update

Hello everyone!!

I'll be 32 weeks this Thursday the 19th and that means only 6-8 more weeks left!!
We've been told the baby can come anytime within two weeks of my expected due date so as of right now we know 6-8 weeks is what's to be expected. At 36 weeks we will know much more because I believe we will have our final ultrasound then. We have just about everything ready for her minus a few things, but luckily we still have time to get them. We had a regular appointment with our doctor a couple weeks ago just to check on the baby and ask questions. The baby's heart rate was 133bpm, which is lower than normal but the Doc said the baby was most likely resting. We got to record the heart beat and it was so neat because 8 seconds in, the baby moved and we heard a loud "Buh Bump." The Doc started laughing because after the baby moved he lost the heartbeat but at least we got it on recording with the movement! He said it's rare to record a movement so we thought that was awesome. I had my second Diabetes screen for Gestational Diabetes come back, and I'm perfectly healthy and in the average range. Awesome news!!! Our next appointment will be on the 24th for 33.5 weeks..random number, I know. After that we'll have one at 36 weeks, two weeks later, and then we go every week from then on! I think then, it'll all be more real.

This baby is a mover and a groover though. There isn't one day where there hasn't been movement. I've noticed the sleeping patterns which is pretty neat. Unfortunately I doubt they'll stay this way. I say unfortunately because he/she has a GREAT sleeping pattern right now! Goes to sleep around 10PM and doesn't really move again until 7-8AM. Sometimes there is the occasional roll at 2 AM which awakes me, but I can deal with that. He/She loves to roll, punch, kick, etc etc whenever the chance is given. I find if I bend over to far as if to pick something up, I get a shove because apparently I'm taking up some precious living room! Luckily though, the baby is still head down and face up, so the kicking happens to my stomach and not my ribs. I've heard some horror stories about women getting bruised/cracked/broken ribs from their little chunks. Not pleasant. The only issue we've had so far is the baby will roll back a certain way and I feel pressure out of nowhere on my bladder and immediately have to pee. That's quite annoying.

Well, I'd say that's about all the updates thus far.
I will post again after the next appointment and we shall see how everything goes!