Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 5

So speaking of weather. Turning out to be such a strange day. The view was gorgeous, just very eerie is all. This is the view from my Pop's place. He's off at Ft. Lewis playing soldier, and needs a cat-sitter while he's away. I suppose this could be another way how the military affects me. This is probably the 3rd time I've had to take care of his place this month alone. Yet, I love doing it. He did so much for my mom and myself growing up that I feel obligated (but gladly) to help him out with whatever he needs. My mom had hoped that when he took the SRAAG job, he wouldn't be traveling nearly as much. Yet, he leaves nearly every other week. She's definitely ready for him to get out. She misses him that's for sure. I have so much respect and admiration for all she's gone through as a mil spouse. She herself was an Army brat growing up and therefor knows both ends as I do now. She always told me about Somalia and how all they had were letters. Nothing but letters. Some months she only received one. I can't imagine how war would be these days without the technology we have.
This picture is just a mirroring of the mood lately.
Just gotta look to the sunset to know tomorrow will be hopefully be better.


Noel said...


I love that picture!

I've never been into this blogging stuff..well besides myspace blogs HA!
Shows how technical I am. Or just the lack of thoughts I have..or maybe its that I'm afraid no one will care to even read it. I guess it could be just for venting!!

Oh girl, your father is going to die a happy man so don't even worry about nothing! You know I hear so much about guys that get out early..and then wish they could have stayed in and what not.

Steven won't be that guy thankfully. Or maybe not thankfully! He wants to/plans to do career mode. (like that? Career mode!) Oh well I've got to go, things to do, things to do.

Abstaining Irene said...

What a great's eery yet incredibly serene. Thanks for sharing!