Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Been a Long Time Folks

Well, as the subject says it's been forever since I've posted a blog on here. Life got in the way. My father retired from the Army but took his old boss's job at USSOCOM, Antonio and I got married, he put in his papers to go Active Duty and say GOOD RIDDANCE! to the Guard, I started back at school Full-Time, and we're now waiting to hear about when we're getting outta MN!

I've stared back up Full-Time at AMU (American Military Univiversity) and am loving it thus far. It is only day 2 so let's not get me to hopefull HaHa. My class-mates are some amazing men and women. Most are in the service trying to finish their degrees when time allows. There is the occasional spouse, which is really nice. I'm taking 4 courses. They are as follows:
       1. Criminal Profiling
      2. Criminalistics
      3. Firearms Forensics Investigations
      4. Blood-Stain Pattern Analysis

Needless to say, I've got plenty of work cut out for me, yet this is my dream since I was 6 years old so there is no time like the present!

Being married..if I can be honest, does not feel different. We still talk to each other as much as before, are just as crazy about each other, and do the same things as before. Major differences are that we file taxes jointly and share a last name. Oh and I do get to refer to him as my Sexy Husband now.  :) Always a plus I suppose! We've already been married half a year..which to some of you folks is nothing I'm sure. I'd say the same about other people, yet I'm sure we have all thought at one point, "Wow, it's already been half a year, or a year!"  Time flies when you're having fun.

Found out one of my great friends from HS just got married to her sweetheart of 6 years and they're getting stationed at Ft. Campbell. So naturally, we're praying we get there as well. I also have a great friend of 8 years who is married with a newborn baby and is stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA. Her husband just deployed and she has no family with her so I feel a bit torn between the two duty stations. As always though, we go with the needs of the Army so fingers crossed for either!

Hope everyone's holidays and New Years were great and safe!! 
Hubs and I just stayed home enjoying each others company and making lots of midnight calls to friends and family.


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