Friday, February 25, 2011

I Simply Remember My Favorite Things.....

"and then I don't feel.....soo bad."

That's right folks!
It's my favorite things post!
WITH pictures :)


I have done Zumba a few times at this really interesting hole in the wall of a studio. My friend Andrea introduced me to the place, and of course, I've always wanted to try Zumba. Even though I worked at the YMCA, and had full access to a gorgeous gym, pool, and unlimited classes, I never went to Zumba!! The place is called Cardiolix, and has only one studio for all the classes. It's obviously a small place, but it's great.

Great place!!

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW!!!!! I'm addicted. 

This is where I work...the BEST place ever :)

That would be Mrs. Minnesota Intl, or ... whatever.  Oops. This was from the Grand Opening almost a year ago.

This would be my ultimate guilty pleasure...
I cannot begin to describe how much I LOVE this sorbet. It's just perfect!

Oh dear.....the monster (aka Sophia) just did the deed (aka dirty diaper). Must snap into Mama Mode....

I promise to return with more favorites!!!