Sunday, September 26, 2010

36 Week Update and Photo's!

I know this is late and I apologize!!
We had our 36 week appt. and ultrasound almost two weeks ago and it went great.
The Dr. was a little busy so he didn't really tell us the heartbeat this time or any other updates besides the baby is head down and should be here anytime now.

Here are some pictures though to please the eye. I have labeled them just in case you have a hard time seeing the features. At this point, the Dr. said being so far along, you either get really lucky and get a good view of the face or you get unlucky and get some features mixed in with a queso cheese look! Haha! We have a little bit of both. Since the baby was so far head down though, the facial pictures are a little bit harder to see.

I'll start with the 2D images first.

This baby has some long bones!

Baby booty!!


This is the shoulder bone!!

Nice set of ribs!

Now for the 4D images!!

Our next appt. is 9/28/2010 and I'll be two days shy of 38 weeks. I'm feeling every bit of ready to have this baby and have my normal comforts back like laying down on my back/stomach, eating foods that don't cause heartburn all the time, bending down to pick something up rather than squatting, etc. etc. Cannot wait to meet the baby!!