Sunday, July 11, 2010

26 Wk Appt and Other Updates!

So our 26 wk appt was just for the u/s technician to take another good look at the baby's anatomy. Last time at 20 wks, she couldn't get a great look at the baby's heart so this time since the baby is much bigger, she was able to get a lot of good views.

Some funny little updates
-The baby is STILL head down; has been for about 11 weeks that we know of.
-The baby was head down AND face down so the booty is right up in my chest!
-Baby finally rolled over and was face down but head up. The technician went to look at the hands and feet to make sure all digits were in place. The baby sprawled out a hand, got a great picture of that. The foot is a little blurry, but all digits are there!!
-We then saw THE FUNNIEST thing ever. The baby's legs were crossed so we got a great view of his/her butt, thighs, and legs. Let me tell you, those were THE cutest baby thighs I've seen in a womb! :) Such a little chunk!!

We didn't get measurements this time, but we are still on track..could be as early as two weeks though so we're looking at anywhere between October 1st-14th they said. Obviously, we have more appts to go, so I'm sure the date will be more finalized later (well, as much as it can be).

Here are some images of baby Pici!

Stretch that little baby hand!! Look Mama, all 5 fingers!!

Check out my foot :) (Kind of blurry)

Side profile. He/She was moving so it's blurred.

If you look at an angle...tilt your head to the right, you'll see the features perfectly.
Eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, forehead. Everything. Cutie!! Such a little person already!

Now for some exciting pictures of the crib and changer!!!

 Our crib/changer!! We can lower it down two more notches for a toddler too!!

The inside of the crib. Our jungle theme!

The changer with the baby blanket in it

262 Diapers from Dan and Beth to get us started! Thank you!!
They're a perfect fit inside the changer's cabinet!
However, good ole advice from Pops says cloth diapers might become our
new best friend!.....!

Drawer full of random goodies

Nice pink girl clothing thanks to Jamie....tell ya what, a boy would look
mighty fine in pink!! Bwahaha

Jungle themed diaper hamper!

Some more random goodies.

Well folks, that about does it for updates on the baby. Now, I know we still have 2.5-3 months left in this pregnancy, and some of you (cough*cough DAD) question our super happy baby syndrome, but luckily the only thing we, ourselves have purchased, is the crib/changer. All the bedding/Jungle theme came from Dan and Beth (including the diapers) and the clothing are all gifts :) We've gotten lucky so far! I'm not above hand-me-downs so I gladly accept gently used clothing from friends/family. My parents got us a cute teething toy and some much needed advice so far, along with Tonio's rents/family. Thanks to Jamie we're set up to 9 months on girl clothing haha. We only have a few boy things thus far but we just might get lucky! Thank you Christine for all the maternity clothing as well! Definitely nice not to have to spend so much on clothing that will only fit for a certain amount of time! Then comes the exercise regiment!!

On another note, we did move into this place called Grand Pre East in Little Canada, MN and we absolutely love it! I shall post pictures once we have finished putting away all the little things. Our most favorite part of the new place though is the balcony. It's one gorgeous balcony!! This place is twice the size of our old place, which is a breath of fresh air. The last place had NO room for the baby and it was quite frightening to think about being pregnant in that little bit of space, let alone having a baby stored (yes, I said stored) in there. Stored because that's exactly what we'd be doing, storing everything!

Pictures of the place will come soon!!

Crystal, Antonio, and the babe.


Rupinder said...

Colors tend to be darker and brighter most of the time in boys' rooms, so it is usually the same, or similar, when it comes to the kids bedding choices for them.

baby gifts

Christine and Victor said...

YAY I feel honored to be in your post!!

I have little girls clothing too, I don't know if you want any more though!! Let me know what you need like onesies, sleepers, dresses, hoodies, etc. I will send only what you still need! No need to turn you into a baby clothes hoarder like myself ;)

Everything looks great! I love our diaper hamper, they come in handy!